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While the thought of writing thank-you notes can be daunting in this age of email, it is much easier than you think and so much more appreciated than an email. Without further ado, sit down with some beautiful stationery and show your gratitude. Here’s a quick how-to to get you started. . . .

1. Greet the Giver ~ although an obvious one, the “Dear Aunt Jane” line is often overlooked.

2. Express your Gratitude ~ without any unnecessary lead-ins, simply say “Thank you so much for the fill in the blank.” If the gift was money, thank them for their generosity but do not directly mention money.

3. Discuss Use ~ say something nice about the gift and how you will use it.

4. Mention the Past, Allude to the Future ~ let the giver know how they fit into your life. {“It was great to see you at Jenny’s birthday party, and I hope to see you soon.”}

5. Grace ~ express your thanks one more time.

6. Regards ~ Simply wrap up the note using whatever sign-off feels right to you (love, yours truly, etc.).

7. Get it in the Mail ~ address the envelope, stick a great stamp on it, and post it.

Think of the sense of accomplishment you will feel, how appreciated the giver will feel, and the continued stream of gifts you will receive from a happy giver!

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Q: Help! I was invited to a party. Do I need to bring a hostess gift?
A: Always. No matter the size or feel of the shindig, it’s always a nice touch to show your appreciation to your hostess by giving her something special. What that gift is depends on the nature of the party. For a more informal gathering, for example, you could give some nice candy that both looks and tastes great, handmade soaps, wine and more. Beautiful stationery would also be a great idea, sure to please the woman who has worked tirelessly to prepare a smashing event.

Q: Okay, so the party was great and my hostess gift went over well. Now, do I need to send a thank you note?
A: Again, always, at least in our opinion. It’s always better to err on the side of doing too much rather than too little. Organizing an event, no matter how big or small, deserves a word of thanks from those attending. This would be the perfect time to use your personalized stationery.

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