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2016 was a roller coaster of a year for Stone Hill Paperie. Website issues affected my wedding season greatly and a Quickbooks fail (completely my fault) led to some hard lessons learned. I never felt like throwing in the towel as much as I did this past year. But the fact is I just can’t give it up. I’m hooked bad. I love this business too much.

Each year I have had the opportunity to learn more and to have clients that trust me to find a way to get the job done & done well. I love the challenges, the people, and their stories that ultimately lead them to the designs I have the pleasure to work on.

On top of all of this, I have met the most amazing group of women. We have a small business group called “Roots”. They are talented, inspiring and uplifting women/entrepeneurs/disciples/mothers/leaders and have brought SO much to my business and my life. roots-copy

With all of this amazingness, how could I possibly quit this? No towel throwing here. In fact, I’m ready 2o17. Bring it on! This will be my best year yet. Are you with me?


I have been searching for some new ways to decorate for fall in my home. I’m a little behind this year – so I went in search of some cute, relatively simple and inexpensive decorating ideas. Here are my favorites:





How did you & Patrick meet? 

We met at Lock Haven University in the fall of 2005.

A little about the proposal…

After almost six years of dating, Patrick felt the time was right. Patrick spent Christmas Eve in Lock Haven with his family and drove to my parents’ Christmas morning.  My parents were already at my Nana’s for Christmas dinner and I was waiting to drive over separately with my boyfriend/soon-to-be-fiancee.  Upon arrival Patrick walked into the living room, found a spot next to the Christmas tree, and got down on one knee.

I was completely surprised and my answer was “Are you serious…YES, of course!” We celebrated with my family Christmas day and everyone was very excited.  We flew to Orlando for four days and then drove to Charleston, SC to meet his family for a five-day cruise to the Bahamas. It was a perfect proposal and it was great to spend quality time with family after the proposal.

What surprised you most about planning your wedding?

We were both very surprised about how many options there were for the many elements that make up a wedding. We had originally planned to rent a space and bring in our vendors, but once we found Normandy Farm, we loved the idea of having everything at our fingertips.

What (or who) did you find was your best resource for planning your wedding?

When Patrick and I were together we utilized several magazines and websites that were very helpful in the planning process.  However, I would definitely have to say that my mom was the person that gave us (especially me) the best advice. I still think about how much fun she and I had throughout our wedding journey and those memories are forever.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day details?

I think we would both say that our inspiration was wedding chic. We wanted something playful and fun but classic at the same time. Once we chose Normandy Farm and saw how intimate and romantic a setting it is; everything just fell into place.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Finally marrying my best friend and having our family and friends present to celebrate our special day.

Best part of the wedding planning?

Actually seeing the entire day come together.  At first there are so many options and it was really special to make decisions and watch the wedding unfold.

What advice will you give your friends getting married?

Don’t forget about the big picture.  All the details are important, but at the end of the day it is about family and friends coming together to celebrate the joining of two people.

Carol & Patrick’s Vendors…

Ceremony Location: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Reception Location: Normandy Farm Photographer: Mike Landis Videographer: Brock Pemberton Florist: Willow & Thistle Band, Musicians and/or DJ: Billy Hatalski and Co. Invitations and programs: Stone Hill Paperie Uplighting: Synergetic Sounds Photobooth: Shutterbooth | Dress: Van Cleve Wedding Pavilion | Transportation: Philadelphia Trolley Works



Galen photos for blog
I recently had the pleasure of working with Galen Sarvey.  She had a clear vision of her wedding that included sunflowers and lace.  I had such fun creating these custom invitations at Stone Hill Paperie for Galen.  I am thrilled to have Galen as Stone Hill Paperie’s first “Real Bride” blog post!  Read below about Galen & Nick’s wedding and some great advice!
How did you & Nick meet?
Nick and I met while working at a Pub in Collegeville. We were both working busing tables. I was 16 and Nick was 18. I couldn’t drive yet so Nick would give me a ride home from work from time to time.
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program sample 4 - small folded - inside cover

Are wedding programs required? No.  Programs are optional, but they are so nice for your guests to have.  Programs are particularly nice for guests of different faiths or if they don’t know your family and friends very well.  They make a great keepsake too – so be sure to save one or two for yourselves!

What’s included? In a nutshell, the program is a communication tool where you have the opportunity to let your guests know what will be happening and who’s who. Programs often have 4 parts: the title page (bride and grooms’ names, location, date), the wedding participants, the ceremony order and a brief note of thanks from the bride and groom. In addition, I have had clients include the following:

– an explanation of any traditions, rituals or ethnic customs.

– moving announcement with new address

– directions to the reception

– a poem or song lyrics

– a surprise element that will be included in the ceremony

– remembrance of family or friends that have passed that would have played a big part in your big day

How many programs should I have printed? There are no steadfast rules on this.  The determining factors are your budget and the number of people attending.  You know that not every person will take a program, but you don’t want to run out. My theory is that the number you need depends on how the programs are distributed.  If your ushers are handing them out, you will need a program for each person.  If you are putting the programs in baskets or on tables near the entrance(s), my guess is that about 85% of your guests will take one.

When should I order my wedding programs?

Plan ahead!  There is usually a little bit of a lull between the time you send your invitations out and the time you start receiving your rsvp’s.  Most of your other decisions have been made, so it is perfect timing for planning the ceremony!  Work with your officiant and get samples from your stationer for ideas – then put your own personal touches in.  Once you have that done, you are ready to order!  A good rule of thumb is to give the final okay a month prior to the wedding.  This allows time to make sure any specialty stock can be received without expedited shipping, time for the printer and any assembly.

Other thoughts…

– Programs do not have to match the invitations, but it is a nice touch if all of your wedding stationery can tie in somehow.

– Have fun with the programs!  The program is a great place to show your creativity.  Pinterest is a great tool for finding program ideas.
















I just spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with my family.  We walked the streets and talked about how easy our lives are now compared to the 1700’s.  We visited many of the little shops and trades and the printer.  The printer!  It is so easy to type something up on the computer and print it or send it out on the internet.  Newspapers, magazines, books, kindles – all available to the masses.  Make a mistake?  Highlight and change it or delete it altogether.  The Viriginia Gazette, published from 1736 -1750, required 25 hours work to set type for one page!  And it all had to be set backwards!  The newspaper was available to the community, but owning a book was a sign of wealth & education.

What a great experience to think about how difficult life was and to appreciate all that people did to make our lives easier now.  It was quite a hot day with a little whining from my kids, but so easy.

{© 2012 Stone Hill Paperie | Amy Hammond | Photo © Colonial Williamsburg}

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Saturday would have been my Grandmother’s 94th birthday.  It all makes me think a lot about my own childhood and some of my most treasured memories and possessions.  My Grammy didn’t have much money, but she had more love to give than anyone I know! Just ask my brothers, my cousins, any of the people we never knew that she would help in any way she could, and all those people invited to family picnics that she “adopted” into our family.

One of the ways my Grandmother showed her love best was through her cooking.  As kids, we would all get excited to go to Grammy & Grampy’s house for ice pops made from Tang, strawberry lemonade, strawberry shortcake, Grammy pickles, Grammy’s chocolate chip cookies, brownies, ginger snaps, and pancakes topped with homemade strawberry jam! My grandparents owned a strawberry farm – where we wandered the fields and woods freely and our imaginations would take us all over the world… with constant pit stops for a little strawberry picking nourishment.

I have Grammy’s recipe box.  It is one of my most treasured possessions.  It is a tangible piece of Grammy that I have.  The recipe box is unattractive, does not go with my decor one little bit, and it  doesn’t matter.  When I open that recipe box, I have those delicious recipes and memories in my Grandmother’s own handwriting.  When I look at those recipes I feel like a piece of Grammy is still here.  Those are love letters from heaven.  I miss Grammy and think of her often, especially on her birthday and Mother’s Day – but in a way she’s still here.

Incidentally, I have since discovered that many of those Grammy amazing recipes were not Grammy originals.  They are Nestle Tollhouse Cookies and that my Grandmother could have had a few episodes of “Semi-Homemade” on the Food Network.  I just thank God that she actually wrote out the recipes instead of cutting them out of a magazine!

Consider writing those recipes out by hand!  You never know what it will mean to someone 30, 40, or 50 years from now.  Recipe boxes are available at Stone Hill Paperie with matching recipe cards if you want to put together a keepsake of your own.  I’m starting mine today.

{© 2012 Stone Hill Paperie Amy Hammond | Photo © Amy Hammond}

Life gets hectic. (But you knew that already, didn’t you?) You have a task list beckoning you that will more than likely go unfinished again today. For a moment, let’s put that aside. Take a moment to breathe, reflect and leave a paper trail.

In the age of digital communication and iPhone apps, paper may seem like a foreign substance. Consider reintroducing it into your life by taking a moment to journal a thought or two each day. It may seem daunting to turn off the email and pick up a…if you pen, but a few minutes of reflection can reset your mood, reintroduce yourself to you and even be a keepsake for generations to come.

Keeping a journal does not require hours of deep contemplation. Make it a goal to jot down a few sentences. Quickly and concisely track your memories, kids’ accomplishments or work goals. As time goes on, look back on previous years’ thoughts and rediscover the journey you’ve taken. It could become a treasured piece to future generations, providing them with a direct link to you.

{© 2011 Blog Boutique | Meagan of Defining Motherhood | Photo © Meagan Church}

The New Year isn’t the only time of year you can set resolutions. All you need is some focus, initiative and a desire for improvement to set goals and start down a path of overall improvement. From work to recreation, family to personal health, let today be the day you decide to make a change for the better. Here are some simple steps to get you started in the right direction:

Reflect. Ask yourself what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. Was training for that 5K easier with a pal or going it solo on a treadmill? Was it easier to eat more vegetables when the chocolate chip cookies were left behind at the store?

Focus. Take a good look at what changes you want to make. Most importantly, be specific. Don’t just aim to be slimmer. Focus on the things that can help you achieve that (such as the aforementioned 5K) and set a date for when you will accomplish it.

Write it down. Put your goal in writing, whether in a journal, on your iPhone or even a mirror so you can be constantly reminded of what you intend to do.

Tell someone. Accountability will help keep you focused, on the right path and motivated. Tell your friends, spouse, kids and/or parents, and ask them to encourage you to reach your goal.

Get to work. You have thought about it and told people, but now it’s time to actually take action. If you feel yourself losing steam at any point (which is bound to happen), get creative and explore new ways to get there.

Enjoy the journey. Don’t wait for the final result to celebrate your progress. Share your journey and mini-triumphs with friends, colleagues and social media acquaintances

Be proud. And when you finally get there, don’t hold back. Be proud of what you’ve done and the time you’ve spent getting there. Then it’s time to start all over again with some reflection, focus and an entirely new goal to take you to yet another level of accomplishment.

{© 2011 Blog Boutique | Meagan of Defining Motherhood | Photo © Heather Donahue}

Pink & Gold Inspired Wedding

1 – Peonies Invitation: by Umi by Elum available at Stone Hill Paperie

2 – Pink & Gold Sash with Fabric Roses: Martha Stewart Weddings

3 – Pink & Gold Wedding Cake: Martha Stewart Weddings

4 – Bridesmaid Dresses: Style Me Pretty, Photography by Jose Villa

5 – Blush & Gold Table Settings: Martha Stewart Weddings

6 – J Crew Gold Shoes with B Poetic Shoe Clip Bouquet: Elizabeth Anne Designs