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I was recently asked by a friend about thank you notes. She had just received a thank you note for a wedding gift that she had given to a couple. “The thank you note was pre-printed, they didn’t even sign it. Is that what people are doing now?”

After a wedding it is A LOT of work to write those thank you notes. I get it, believe me. Hand cramps from writing 150 thank you notes are no laughing matter. But here’s the thing; when people attend your wedding and buy a gift for you or give you money, a hand-written thank you note is much more personal. It tells the gift giver that you value the time and expense that they spent on you.

As a stationer, the more design and printing jobs I get, the better. If you want me to print the note for you, I will. Please also know that I will leave enough space at the bottom for a personal note and your own signature. I know, I’m a pain that way.

My advice is to write 5 notes a day until you are done and mail them all at once when you are finished. You’ll be glad you did it and your guests will definitely feel more appreciated.


Wedding invitations are a small part of the big day, but they play a major role. Your invitations are the first impression your guests will see of your wedding day. Here are 5 things to think about when choosing and ordering wedding invitations:

  1. How do you picture your wedding?

Tara and TimWill your guests be dressed to the nines,
dancing late into the night in an elegant ballroom with champagne in hand? Or will they be dressed casually, dancing in the grass under twinkly lights with a mason jar in hand? There are so many different wedding styles, themes and colors. They sky is the limit! Think about the type of affair it will be and work with your invitation designer or stationer to choose the invitation that will best convey the style of the event to your guests.

2. What is your invitation budget?

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get Norabeautiful invitations. If you discuss your budget and the style of wedding you are hosting with your invitation designer or stationer, you will most likely be able to come up with the perfect invitation to meet your needs.

3. Are you communicating everything to your guests that you need to?

Chances are you can picture your wedding in your mind and you  know exactly how you want things to be. The more you can communicate with your guests about the big day, the better. You want things to go smoothly Mollyand you want to have a great time, but you are also hosting A LOT of people on a very important day to you. Part of being a good host or hostess is letting your guests know things that might be important to them to ensure they have a good time and relax too.

Things like… If you are having an outdoor wedding, it’s always good to let people know if you’ll be in the grass – it’s hard to have fun when your heels are sinking into the ground. Or… If there is a shuttle service from the hotel to the venue, that is great information to share.  Depending on your plans, there may be other things you’ll want your guests to know ahead of time.

4. Do you have a wedding website?

Wedding websites can be created for free FullSizeRender 2on or and can save you money too! Many of my clients at Stone Hill Paperie opt to include a website card rather than a directions card and an accommodations card. The website card sends your guests to your wedding website where they can find all of the wedding details. Keep the website name as short and simple as possible like the image to the right – some websites have really long names that just don’t look good in print.

5. How do you plan to address your envelopes?

Would you want a calligrapher to handwrite your guest addresses? Would you want your stationer to print them? Or do you have great handwriting? Those are all good options depending on your budget. Tip – stay away from sticking labels on your invitation envelopes. For something as special as this, that label makes it seem much more ordinary. I would rather see your personal handwriting any day!

The question I get asked most often by couples is, how much do wedding invitations cost? My answer is always, that depends on a lot of factors.

  • How many invitations do you need?
  • What pieces do you need?
  • Are we ordering from an album or are you looking for a custom-designed invitation?img_0746
  • What print method do you prefer?
  • What type of paper are you choosing?
  • Are you looking for embellishments?

Number of Invitations: A good rule in estimating the number of invitations you need is to divide the number of guests you are inviting by 2 and add 15%. If you are inviting 250 people, that would
be 144 invitations.

What pieces do you need?: This is part personal preference and part etiquette.

Church Wedding – Traditionally, the items needed are the invitation, invitation envelope, reception card, response card and response card envelope.

Reception Wedding – If the ceremony is taking place at the reception site, you can eliminate the reception card and note “reception immediately following” at the bottom of the invitation.

Destination Wedding – Destination weddings tend to include more pieces because they usually entail more than the wedding. When people are traveling and making a long weekend of the wedding, typically the couple will plan other activities and will then include some sort of itinerary for the weekend events. Also, additional information for travel plans is appropriate.

Album Order vs. Custom OrderWhen ordering from an album, the prices are set. It’s simple to price things out and at times, the companies that provide the albums will sometimes offer promotions. This doesn’t happen very often, but is a great help when you can take advantage of a good deal. Custom orders require more time to estimate, some times they may require more time to print & assemble and, of course, you have to add in the time it takes to design a custom invitation. Custom invitations can be competitive with invitations from albums, but more often, they are slightly higher priced. You should also allow for more time in placing your order. If you plan to order custom designed invitations, 6 months before your wedding is a good time to meet with your stationer or designer. If you wait too long, rush charges may apply.

What type of print do you prefer?: The print method you choose can make a huge difference in the price of your invitations. I’ll go more into depth in a separate blog post on these shortly, but for now, this is the breakdown in regards to pricing:

Letterpress, Foil, Engraving, Embossing – $$$  These print methods are all absolutely gorgeous and add a lot of texture to your invitaitons.

Thermography, Offset Printing  – $$  Thermography is a raised print (similar to engraving). Offset printin is flat printing. This is the middle of the road on price.

Digital Printing – $  Digital printing is done by computer (similar to home printers, but on a much larger scale). This is the lowest price point for printing invitations.

fullsizerender-3What type of paper are you choosing?There is a huge variety of paper options. If you have ever been to my studio, you have seen the crazy amount of paper swatch books I have to choose from. There are smooth papers, papers with a “tooth”, metallic or pearl papers, glitter paper, paper that is lightly embossed to look like tree bark, sheer papers, iridescent papers, and almost every color paper you can imagine. Paper also comes in many different weights or thickness. Some paper is better for different types of printing than others. This is where it is good to work with a professional so they can recommend the best paper for your particular job. As far as pricing goes – the more simple the paper, the less expensive it tends to be.

Are you looking for embellishments? Embellishments can be pocketfolders, bandwraps, ribbon, jewels, labels, wax seals, lace, twine, etc. There are so many options for personalizing invitations with embellishments! This is also where you can spend a lot of money or save. I usually give my clients the option to DIY the embellishments. That allows them to dress up their invitations without paying for someone else to glue jewels or tie bows. You can use embellishments to make a very simple invitation a little more special.

It’s tough to answer that question, “How much do wedding invitations cost?”  But there are many ways to accomplish a goal. I invite clients to come to the studio with a budget in mind, choose the ultimate invitation and we’ll take it from there. A couple might love a letterpress invitation in a pocketfolder, but the budget only allows for a digitally printed invitation with a bandwrap holding all of the pieces together. The wedding guests never saw the pocketfolder, so it is still the perfect invitation!


My Bullet Journal

I have been bullet journaling for nearly a year now. (If you’re a planner addict like I am – you seriously need to check this out!) I started compiling lists of monthly favorites last month. Here’s my list from December 2016:

Favorite Restaurant:   Edge Restaurant  Edge is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We went for a late birthday dinner with some great friends. The food here was SO. GOOD. From beginning to end. Every dish. And we had a lot of them. But the dark chocolate, salted caramel tart – holy guacamole! It was a shortbread crust filled with salted caramel, topped with chocolate ganache. On the side was this insanely good rosemary whipped cream and some crystallized ginger. I have been dreaming about this all month. Guess where the Hammonds will be spending their Valentine’s dinner this year? Disclaimer: if you know me, at home – I hate going out for Valentine’s Day! But our Valentine’s dinner on another night will be at Edge!

Favorite Computer Expert: Matt Hofmann at FusionMac    If you read my last post, you’ll know I had a rough spell with Quickbooks last year (again, completely my fault). Matt has always come through for me. He recommends computers, repairs computers (whether he recommended them or not). Seriously, Matt is so patient and reassuring (even when someone calls him in a panic, tearing their hair out that they’ve deleted 6 years of their financial history). If you need someone to take care of your computer issues and mishaps, Matt is your man! You can reach Matt at Make sure you tell him that I sent you!

Favorite Book:  The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod   I actually read this book in November, but it made the most impact on my life in December. If you can get past the need for some better editing, the content is life changing. Seriously. I have made some serious changes in my life since reading this book. I love a good self-help book! A little inspiration goes a long way for me. But this book actually encouraged me to make daily changes. And I made them; little by little. As I am writing this, I am getting ready to get back to my routine with the kids’ school and our regular schedule kicking back into full gear tomorrow after the holiday break. And I am looking forward to it. Really! Feeling like something needs to give in your life? It might be you. Read this book.

Favorite App: Routinist, available for Apple and Android products. I love this app, because I can enter my own personal list of things I want to get done for the morning and evening; with timers. I know, there are a lot of people who just do what they need to do daily without any prompts. I am not one of those people. This app serves as a reminder of all of the things I would like to complete on a daily basis. It helps me a lot. If I didn’t have these reminders, I might be inclined to read or watch TV all night and hit snooze all morning.

Lesson Learned: Hard lesson learned, back up your computer regularly! And not to a folder that you might delete when your computer seems a little slow. Back it up to an external hard drive and make sure that it actually goes there. Trust me.

I have been searching for some new ways to decorate for fall in my home. I’m a little behind this year – so I went in search of some cute, relatively simple and inexpensive decorating ideas. Here are my favorites:




trello wedding planTrello: Wedding Timeline

Engaged Couples: I found this wedding timeline on Trello today that could be helpful.  Copy in menu and then you can personalize it for yourselves!

WA 75-25 promo 2014ENGAGED COUPLES: William Arthur buy 75, get 25 promotion starts today! Take advantage of this and schedule your appointment in the studio!

Something about a rainy day in the fall just makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with a warm fire, a cup of tea and some stationery. Thinking of the recent contest held at Stone Hill Paperie where the wonderful friends of Stone Hill Paperie sent in stories of their favorite letters.  People sent in their stories of such heartwarming letters! I really enjoyed reading through all of them. There were letters from boyfriends that became husbands, long-distance friendships, from children to parents and from parents to children. The common thread was the cherished letter that can still be held and read again today.  I have had several clients requesting personalized stationery recently.  In this age of email, facebook, tweeting, blogging, instagram… a handwritten letter can carry more weight than it used to.  Just a little note can mean so much. Today I have a few people in mind that I will be writing some little notes to.

stationery 4stationery 2

Stationery 3

Need a new coffee mug? I LOVE these Boatman Geller travel mugs! Hmmm… which one to get? Good thing these are available to order through the studio – I may want more than 1!!!

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