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The question I get asked most often by couples is, how much do wedding invitations cost? My answer is always, that depends on a lot of factors.

  • How many invitations do you need?
  • What pieces do you need?
  • Are we ordering from an album or are you looking for a custom-designed invitation?img_0746
  • What print method do you prefer?
  • What type of paper are you choosing?
  • Are you looking for embellishments?

Number of Invitations: A good rule in estimating the number of invitations you need is to divide the number of guests you are inviting by 2 and add 15%. If you are inviting 250 people, that would
be 144 invitations.

What pieces do you need?: This is part personal preference and part etiquette.

Church Wedding – Traditionally, the items needed are the invitation, invitation envelope, reception card, response card and response card envelope.

Reception Wedding – If the ceremony is taking place at the reception site, you can eliminate the reception card and note “reception immediately following” at the bottom of the invitation.

Destination Wedding – Destination weddings tend to include more pieces because they usually entail more than the wedding. When people are traveling and making a long weekend of the wedding, typically the couple will plan other activities and will then include some sort of itinerary for the weekend events. Also, additional information for travel plans is appropriate.

Album Order vs. Custom OrderWhen ordering from an album, the prices are set. It’s simple to price things out and at times, the companies that provide the albums will sometimes offer promotions. This doesn’t happen very often, but is a great help when you can take advantage of a good deal. Custom orders require more time to estimate, some times they may require more time to print & assemble and, of course, you have to add in the time it takes to design a custom invitation. Custom invitations can be competitive with invitations from albums, but more often, they are slightly higher priced. You should also allow for more time in placing your order. If you plan to order custom designed invitations, 6 months before your wedding is a good time to meet with your stationer or designer. If you wait too long, rush charges may apply.

What type of print do you prefer?: The print method you choose can make a huge difference in the price of your invitations. I’ll go more into depth in a separate blog post on these shortly, but for now, this is the breakdown in regards to pricing:

Letterpress, Foil, Engraving, Embossing – $$$  These print methods are all absolutely gorgeous and add a lot of texture to your invitaitons.

Thermography, Offset Printing  – $$  Thermography is a raised print (similar to engraving). Offset printin is flat printing. This is the middle of the road on price.

Digital Printing – $  Digital printing is done by computer (similar to home printers, but on a much larger scale). This is the lowest price point for printing invitations.

fullsizerender-3What type of paper are you choosing?There is a huge variety of paper options. If you have ever been to my studio, you have seen the crazy amount of paper swatch books I have to choose from. There are smooth papers, papers with a “tooth”, metallic or pearl papers, glitter paper, paper that is lightly embossed to look like tree bark, sheer papers, iridescent papers, and almost every color paper you can imagine. Paper also comes in many different weights or thickness. Some paper is better for different types of printing than others. This is where it is good to work with a professional so they can recommend the best paper for your particular job. As far as pricing goes – the more simple the paper, the less expensive it tends to be.

Are you looking for embellishments? Embellishments can be pocketfolders, bandwraps, ribbon, jewels, labels, wax seals, lace, twine, etc. There are so many options for personalizing invitations with embellishments! This is also where you can spend a lot of money or save. I usually give my clients the option to DIY the embellishments. That allows them to dress up their invitations without paying for someone else to glue jewels or tie bows. You can use embellishments to make a very simple invitation a little more special.

It’s tough to answer that question, “How much do wedding invitations cost?”  But there are many ways to accomplish a goal. I invite clients to come to the studio with a budget in mind, choose the ultimate invitation and we’ll take it from there. A couple might love a letterpress invitation in a pocketfolder, but the budget only allows for a digitally printed invitation with a bandwrap holding all of the pieces together. The wedding guests never saw the pocketfolder, so it is still the perfect invitation!

I have had several clients ask me to print their invitation envelopes for them recently.  I always prefer a calligrapher first (and I work with a few that I would be happy to recommend.)  However, if your budget doesn’t allow for a calligrapher, handwritten addresses or addresses printed directly on the envelope would be preferred.  Labels are a last resort – they can make your invitations look like an impersonal mass mailing.

Generally, wedding invitation envelopes are addressed formally.  There aren’t really strict rules for this and if you are hosting a very casual wedding, a casual address may be used.  In most cases, I would recommend going with tradition.  Here are some quick tips on addressing your outer envelopes:

Use proper titles for your guests.

–  Miss Abigail Spencer for a woman that has never been married or a young girl.

–  Ms. Abigail Spencer for a divorced woman or when you don’t know a woman’s marital status.

–  Mr. & Mrs. Jason Spencer for a married couple.

–  Mr. Jason Spencer & Miss Allison Brown for a couple when you know both names

–  Mr. Jason Spencer & Guest if you don’t know who the guest’s date will be (including the guest’s name is preferred if you can find out.)

–  If a guest uses a job-related title, use it.  Dr. & Mrs. Jason Spencer, Gen. & Mrs. Jason Spencer, etc.

–  Messrs. John & Jason Spencer or Mesdames Allison & Ingrid Brown for a married, same-sex couple

Don’t abbreviate addresses.

–  Don’t use St. or Blvd. or Apt. – write it out.  Street, Boulevard, Apartment, etc.

–  Don’t use symbols such as #, write out number.

–  An apartment number goes on a separate line below the street address.

–  And while we’re at it, let’s write out the state too!  Pennsylvania instead of PA.

Who gets an invitation?

–  Every guest over 18 years old or being invited with a guest should receive a separate invitation.

–  Children under 18 years old being invited are listed below their parents names on the outer envelope only if no inner envelope is being used.  If an inner envelope is being used, they would not be listed on the outer envelope.

Always check your names, spelling and addresses before sending the information to your printer or calligrapher.  There’s nothing like getting your invitation back due to incorrect information.

You can see several examples of wedding invitation envelope styles and address formats, by visiting Stone Hill Paperie in Skippack, Pennsylvania.


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A wedding invitation from William Arthur makes a lasting impression when it’s received in the mail. The substantial weight and creamy smooth texture of the signature papers; the sophistication and artistry of design; and the exquisite quality and fine craftsmanship of the printing combine for a beautiful finished product, the perfect way to announce to the world the details of your very special celebration.

The Maine-based company is world-renowned for exceptional quality printing and stationery design, with a wide variety of styles, wedding invitation formats and price points to satisfy the tastes and expectations of today’s brides.

From formal to casual styles, from gala events to smaller, intimate celebrations, William Arthur’s wedding invitation collection captures the heart of every wedding. The wedding invitation line features classic, heavyweight papers and elegant, richly embossed border designs. Some of the newer designs include creamy smooth, substantial letterpress papers; elegant, generously proportioned fold-over invitations; scalloped edge papers; embossed pocket folders; and graceful French flap envelopes.

You can see more of this premiere line of wedding invitations by visiting Stone Hill Paperie in Skippack, Pennsylvania.

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Fall Wedding

Some favorite wedding invitation wisdom that we share with our clients:

– It’s never too early to browse wedding invitations to educate yourself on the options available and to find a great design for your big day.  Get your name on your stationer’s mailing list or Facebook page – you never know when a promotion might pop up for your invitation designer!

– Before you place your invitation order,double-check the quantity of invitations needed.  You may think that you can just order some additional invitations later, but the initial 25 invitations are the most expensive.  It’s much more cost-effective to order a little more at the onset than to add additional quantities later.

– Be sure to have a complete set of one invitation weighed prior to sending your invitations.  There is nothing worse than mailing all of your invitations out on Monday morning only to receive ALL of them back on Tuesday afternoon for insufficient postage!

– Use your RSVP cards to plan your seating arrangements.  You can lay the cards out on your dining room table and easily move them around before finalizing anything on a chart.

The best advice I received before my own wedding that I love to share with brides that visit Stone Hill Paperie is to take a moment during your wedding reception to stop, look around at all of your guests and soak it all in.  You may never have all of these people in one place together again.  Life happens so quickly – I think back on that moment that I took at my own wedding often and treasure the memories.


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The whole idea behind working with a designer to create a custom wedding invitation is to put some of your personality in it, to convey some of your own unique style, or to preview what will be the celebration of the year by incorporating elements of the venue. Not only does the Envelopments® line we carry have everything you’ll need to make your wedding invitations exactly the way you want them, but we are ready, willing and able to help you create an invitation that is a keepsake.

Here are some stand-out design inspirations from Envelopments:

The Sarah & Edwynn ensemble plays on the popular vintage theme, using unique artwork, graphic elements, and an unconventional layout using five different fonts. Because there is so much visual interest in the graphic design elements, you can be low-key with the paper goods. Using Envelopmentsstocks in a restricted palette of tone-on-tone blues (Navajo, Indigo and Aruba) and whites (Dove and White Micah) allows for the organized chaos in the layout.

A summer wedding calls for a fresh palette like the Karina & Jordan design. A light feeling of airiness with minimal type design was the goal by accenting the ensemble with curvy calligraphic elements. Keeping the color story in soft greens and ivories, and combining a variety of matte and metallic stocks, creates a subtle balance of visual highs and lows. Because texture is huge in 2011, try the fabric-like weave of a Magnolia Pocket Fold® enclosure.

Yellow has been a vital color for the past few months. Envelopments recently unveiled Soleil, a vibrant matte stock that guarantees sunshine on your special day. In the Carolyn & William invitation, the perfect contrast was created using a bright Soleil Pocket Fold® enclosure against various black and white Envelopments patterns.

The Jocelyn & Holden ensemble features a preppy palette of green and blue. A combination of stripes, banners and calligraphy ornaments creates a visual theme for the event. Check out the tattoo-inspired script font. The dynamic shape of the Twist Card is perfect to display a photograph of the couple on the front and a handwritten note on the back.

The marriage of neutral and bright colors plays well off each other in the Bethany & Douglas featured sample. Imagine the groom wearing a crisp khaki suit with a bold orange tie. You can see the love of paper unfold in this gorgeous wedding invitation.

Is it wrong to fall in love with a font? The Lizette & Anthony featured sample has typography with intricate details in each character that demand to be oversized. The monochromatic palette of crèmes and soft blues can stand up to the visual impact of the bold graphic design without edging over the top.

The Angelique & Bradley featured sample is a tight representation of a wedding invitation. This custom scored Z-card has the invitation printed on the left panel, the reception information in the center and the response set mounted onto the right panel. A simple panel card has a great impact using graphics on a Save the Date announcement. A soft set of Dove-SWI96 and Magnolia-REP96 Favor Containers add that darling touch to an elegant event.

This one is for those adventurous couples who aren’t afraid of color. The Darla & Kevin featured sample incorporates the brightness of Magnolia-BLO17 and Reef, which are carried through the printed panels as typography.

Whether you’re looking for something simply chic or over-the-top, whether your aesthetic is minimalistic or you’re a die-hard maximalist, if you prefer a restricted palette or defy all rules of color theory, Envelopments has a solution for your wedding ensemble.

You can see more of this fabulous line of Envelopments card stocks, pocket folds, envelopes and more to create your custom invitations and define your moment by visiting Salutations in Chapel Hill and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Dauphine Press Summer Sale

Dauphine Press offers award-winning eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitations & save the dates. Free letterpress envelopes with every order!
Contact Stone Hill Paperie for your appointment.

{Dauphine Press | Image © Dauphine Press}

You have the ring, you’ve probably chosen the dress and you can envision the perfect cake. Whether or not you realize it, your style choices give your big day its own personality. From flowers to fonts and everything in between, find your personal wedding style and let it guide all aspects of the wedding, including invitations.

Custom invitations allow you to choose as many details as you like to help establish the wedding personality. Selecting the perfect paper color and weight, font style and color, embellishments, envelope color, wording, and more will set the tone. And remember to coordinate all your printed materials, such as ceremony programs, menus, table cards, favor boxes, thank you notes and more so your day comes across as intentional and not schizophrenic.

Decisions lurk around every corner when you plan a wedding, so don’t get overwhelmed when choosing between classic cream or midnight blue invites. Be comfortable in your style and create a more complete wedding personality, and less of one that resembles Crazy Aunt Maggie.

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